Sailing Around The World: A 500-year Anniversary!

Sailing Around The World: A 500-year Anniversary!

Did you know that our new ship Magellan Explorer is named after Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer that led the first expedition to circumnavigate the globe?

Magellan Explorer by Antarctica21Magellan Explorer by Antarctica21

Today, August 10, 2019, marks the 500-year anniversary of Magellan’s departure on that epic voyage, an adventure that unfolded over three years! As we celebrate the anniversary, we pay homage to the pioneering spirit that burned in the hearts of Ferdinand Magellan and his intrepid crew of explorers.

Magellan led a fleet of five vessels, known as the Armada of Molucca. They sailed from Seville, Spain on August 10, 1519. The aim of their expedition was finding a sea route to the “Spice Islands” by sailing westward, through the Americas and across the Pacific Ocean, something that had never been done before. Following a set of harrowing experiences in the southern part of South America, the expedition managed to transit the elusive and unmapped passage known today as the Strait of Magellan. Upon arriving to the calm, open waters on the other side, Magellan named the new ocean Pacific. The point of departure of Antarctica21’s air-cruises, Punta Arenas, lays on the Strait of Magellan. Our headquarters are also located there, so our connection to the famed Portuguese explorer is strong.

Ferdinand Magellan's portraitFerdinand Magellan’s portrait

Magellan's circumnavigation mapFerdinand Magellan’s circumnavigation itinerary

Magellan was killed while the expedition passed through the Philippines. The voyage was completed under the leadership of Captain Elcano, who sailed across the Indian Ocean and around Africa to return to Spain. Only one of the five original ships and only 18 of the original members of the expedition made it back, arriving on September 15, 1522.

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